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The Curragower Seafood BarUniquely situated on the banks of the river Shannon, the Curragower Bar is the heart of Limerick’s Medieval Quarter. With spectacular views of King John’s Castle, the Curragower Falls and Limerick City Hall, the Curragower is the ideal place to take in all the city has to offer. This is the perfect stopover on the way to Thomond Park and has become renowned for its festival atmosphere before and after Munster matches.

A wellknown landmark in the City, the Curragower is believed to be one of the city’s oldest bars with some historians citing its establishment as far back as the late 1700′s, originally serving as a sibin for local farmers and fisherman alike. The bar is named after the ‘Curragower Falls’, an impressive natural waterfall on the river Shannon. The falls owe their name to the early farmersĀ  who used the falls as a crossing point for their goats at low tide. Hence the gaelic words annexed ‘curragh’ and ‘gabhar’ ,which respectively mean ‘crossing’ and ‘goat’, and were later anglisized to form its contemporary form ; Curragower….